Electronic Data Loggers

ATI’s Log-ic 360™ electronic data loggers minimize temperature damage risk while providing easy access to view time and temperature data without the need to open a box. You’ll benefit from temperature monitoring that features industry-leading accuracy and insightful data, designed to save time and expense. The versatile, compact, fully featured design of Log-ic 360™ electronic temperature data loggers answers the needs of virtually every industry where temperature matters.

Numerous options and customizable features give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your particular business challenge. You can chose between NFC, USB or Bluetooth electronic data loggers.

Developing Solutions for a Range of Industries

Durable, water-resistant Log-ic 360™ data loggers travel lightly throughout your cold chain and perform exceptionally in tough and demanding conditions. The intuitive, fully integrated Certiscan® software lets you further customize Log-ic 360™ for a wealth of insights on time/temperature data, including automatic reports and alerts, as well as graphs and charts.

Solution Benefits
  • ATI to provide 2-4 benefits (i.e. cost-effective, made-to-order, responsive expertise, adheres to any substrate, etc)
  • Accurate
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Ready Reports
  • 24x7 Access to Temperature data

Electronic Data Loggers

Data Logger Solutions

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Successful temperature monitoring can mean the difference between safe and potentially harmful, between profit and loss, and between edible and spoiled. ATI’s commitment to precision, industry  expertise and our ongoing enthusiasm for innovation translate to custom solutions designed to address known problems within our customers’ cold chains. When temperature matters, contact ATI. 


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