Temperature damage can easily eat into your profits and food quality. ATI answers both issues with cost-effective, cold-chain solutions. You can monitor temperatures at the unit, case, pallet or truck level, or any combination. Temperature excursions can’t hide anywhere in the cold chain. That’s food for thought. Accountability starts here.

  • Benefit from the precise level of control you need.
  • Stay ahead of the curve on food safety regulations.
  • Give your customers a visual indication of temperature excursions.
  • Know at a glance if products freeze, thaw or get too hot.
  • Go deeper with ATI’s extensive temperature monitoring, reporting and analysis.

With ATI’s extensive temperature monitoring solutions, you have a proven tool to make substantial improvements in quality, along with time- and cost-savings.

Our Log-ic 360™ temperature monitoring solution offers numerous convenient options. These include single and multi-use temperature loggers with built-in USB, NFC loggers, and Dry Ice loggers - providing access to temperature data without investing in logger readers.

When produce freezes in transit, you can’t always tell at delivery. The effects show up later. Irreversible Descending Temperature Indicators reveal sub-freezing exposure at a glance.

Poor taste? High temperatures in transit may be the cause. You can improve taste and freshness and market your quality efforts with ATI’s customized Hi-Temp Indicators.

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