Life Sciences Temperature Monitoring

How it Works


#1 Activation

From the moment you require temperature monitoring of your sensitive products, ATI’s solutions are at the ready and easy to apply. Our products provide a clear indication if your pharmaceuticals have been exposed to excessive temperatures from the outset of their journey.



In the Lab — Monitoring Begins During Development

Temperature damage can have huge implications for the medical device industry, so ATI helps mitigate those risks with cost-effective, temperature monitoring solutions as early in the development and manufacturing process as needed.


#2 Transit

Our temperature indicators face harsh challenges while monitoring your temperature-sensitive products during the shipping phase of your supply chain. We must create solutions that maintain accuracy while ensuring the durability and reliability to withstand the harshest of shipping and transport conditions.

In a Plane — The Right Monitoring Solution for Your Product in Transit

As your product is delivered from the lab or your production facility, shipping and handling is often abrasive. Our products are specified with industrial-strength materials and the latest in dependable technology to perform with consistent precision in the face of adverse environments.


#3 Warehousing

We understand that storing your sensitive products could expose them to extreme temperatures while your products sit in inventory for a specified amount of time. Our solutions actively monitor temperature as your products are stored in a wide range of climates.

On a Shelf — Guaranteed Protection During Storage

Our temperature solutions provide peace of mind that your temperature-sensitive products have been effectively monitored and provide a clear indication if they’ve been exposed to conditions beyond acceptable temperature ranges.

End Use

#4 End Use

We provide healthcare providers and patients alike comfort in knowing your medications or products with temperature restrictions will function properly.

In the Doctor’s Office — Helping to Ensure Product Safety

With ATI, doctors and patients alike can focus on quality healthcare without concern of safety or quality issues from improper temperature exposure.