Strength. Precision. Reaction. Precaution. That’s what people associate with industrial/chemical markets. The same goes for ATI’s approach to innovative, value-driven temperature monitoring. You’ll appreciate the strength of our expertise, precisely solving your exact needs and helping you quickly react to minimize risk.

You can rely on ATI’s wide selection of temperature indicators, from hot to cold and everything in between, in addition to complete temperature monitoring and analysis.

Our temperature monitoring solutions have been proven for shipping and storage, manufacturing processes, heat treating, sterilization, bonding for textiles, electronics, aerospace applications and much more.

Strength. Precision. Reaction. Precaution. Take advantage of ATI’s catalysts for cost-effective, process-driven custom solutions.

Many industrial/chemical products require optimal temperatures for use. ATI’s liquid crystal temperature indicators offer an accurate, easy way to assure quality.

Water-based products such as paints and adhesives must be protected from freezing. ATI’s Descending Temperature Indicators show at a glance if a product has been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures.

Among the many innovative uses for Hi-Temp Indicators, one ATI customer applies them to transmissions and engines to assess heat abuse for warranty claims.

Can your products be compromised by high or low temperatures in shipping or storage? Log-ic 360™ RFID and NFC temperature monitoring gives you complete time/temperature histories.

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