Innovative Thinking in Temperature Monitoring

At ATI, our passion is creating cutting-edge technology to ensure the best, most advanced and reliable temperature monitoring products available on the market. A culture of innovation encourages brainstorming, market research, and product testing as part of our larger Research & Development efforts. We foster a lively and collaborative atmosphere to better create and develop the next temperature monitoring devices and tools in the industry.


Ideas for the Future

Research & Development

At ATI we have a state-of-the art Research & Development lab. We understand the importance of continous innovation to help develop the perfect solutions for our customers’ temperature needs.

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Creating Needs-Based Solutions

Custom Solutions

We understand no two temperature monitoring needs are alike, and ATI’s consultative approach translates to custom solutions for unique applications.

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Better Solutions Through Research & Development



Our Criteria for Innovation

We are a technology company that takes pride in our ability to implement broad ideas and concepts into viable temperature monitoring solutions to meet gaps in the market. We understand the importance of accurate and precise temperature monitoring labels. Our goal is to develop the perfect solution for every industry and customer. We follow an innovation process starting with ideation and resulting in the proper temperature monitoring solutions.


Will this notably improve our products attributes?

To which market(s) does the solution apply?

Can technology support it?

Does it solve a customer's challenge?