The health of your cold chain is nothing to sneeze at. When temperatures rise too high or fall too low, medical products can be compromised, affecting people’s health. ATI offers everything from stand-alone temperature indicators to complete temperature monitoring systems. Now you can quickly diagnose and cure cold-chain problems.

ATI’s full selection of temperature monitoring solutions help you protect medical devices, biologics, medicines and clinical trials from temperature excursions, quickly and easily.

You can also apply ATI’s expertise in liquid crystal technology for use in accurate, non-invasive forehead thermometers, a Class II medical device.

Known for their accuracy and cost-efficiency, ATI temperature indicators feature proven technologies customized to meet your precise requirements.

Here’s to the health of your patients and your cold chain.

Our Log-ic 360™ temperature monitoring solution offers numerous convenient options. These include single and multi-use temperature loggers with built-in USB, NFC loggers, and Dry Ice loggers - providing access to temperature data without investing in logger readers.

With ATI’s Descending Temperature Indicators, you’ll know at a glance if biologics or other medical products have been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures.

You can see ATI’s liquid crystal expertise at work in our FDA-compliant forehead thermometers. Large order? No problem. We produced over 20 million for one customer on a tight schedule.

If you need to assure product quality of a medical device by verifying that a specific temperature was not exceeded, our Hi-Temp indicators provide accurate, reliable monitoring.

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