Everyone wants fresh-looking flowers with longer shelf life. ATI gives you proven and practical ways to make it happen. From irreversible temperature indicators to complete temperature monitoring, ATI’s solutions tell you when the temperature rises above 40°F, where most quality problems in the floral cold chain occur.

Grow your profits along with customer satisfaction with precise and reliable temperature solutions from ATI.

You can choose a specific temperature threshold to monitor during transit, so you’ll know when flowers have been exposed to conditions that contribute to dehydration, gray mold and ethylene damage.

The ATI Freshness Monitor features an irreversible indicator than turns from white to red when the threshold temperature has been exceeded.

For comprehensive temperature monitoring, Log-ic 360™ provides a full range of data logging, reporting and analysis features.

Do you need reliable decision support assistance for accepting or rejecting shipments? A red circle on the ATI Freshness Monitor reveals when temperatures have risen too high.

With Log-ic 360™ temperature monitoring, you can wirelessly read single or multi-use data loggers and easily download to a PC for auto email alerts, analysis, detailed reports with graphs and charts and more.

You can take advantage of the Log-ic 360™ monitoring capabilities without substantial investments in staff or equipment with the Log-ic 360™ auto reply postcard.

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