When the enemy is high or low temperature, ATI cold chain expertise minimizes risk. Consider logistics for blood, biologics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our solutions apply the most advanced, precise and cost-effective temperature monitoring technologies. So you can move quickly, reduce complexity, minimize risk, save lives.

ATI offers temperature monitoring and cold chain expertise, but we also offer unique logistical advantages required for government/military operations.

With Log-ic 360™ RFID temperature monitoring, you'll benefit from end-to-end time/temperature monitoring including comprehensive reports, analysis and traceability.

Compact, durable, water-resistant Log-ic 360™ temperature loggers meet the harsh challenges of military environments.

You can expect rapid response for custom solutions as well as rapid implementation with designs focused on ease of use.

The Log-ic 360™ temperature logger features an integrated USB to streamline your operations and equipment requirements.

Irreversible thaw indicators, also known as low temperature ascending (LTA) indicators, clearly show when frozen products have been exposed to above-freezing temperatures.

In some cases, freezing temperatures will damage products. ATI’s Descending Temperature Indicators tells you at a glance if the temperature has fallen below the freezing mark.

ATI has partnered with Minnesota Thermal Science to integrate Log-ic 360™ in the Credo® line of thermal shipping containers.

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