Wine often commands respect, except in transit. That’s where high or low temperatures take a toll on quality. Log-ic 360™ puts you in command, monitoring and documenting temperatures all along your cold chain. Its precise data loggers, cost-saving options, custom features and detailed reports tastefully meet your needs.

Log-ic 360™ delivers a full-bodied temperature monitoring solution quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

At the point of delivery, you can tell in less than a minute if your wine has been exposed to quality-damaging temperatures anywhere in transit.

Along with immediate decision support, Log-ic 360™ precisely offers temperature monitoring features focused on quality control: detailed time/temperature histories, highlighted events above or below specified temperatures, and full documentation.

You also have a choice of efficient, cost-saving data collection options to meet your staff and budget requirements.

Log-ic 360™ temperature monitoring allows you to use a mobile reader to capture and view data from single or multi-use data loggers, as well as download to a PC for auto email alerts, detailed analysis and reports.

The Log-ic 360™ temperature logger features an integrated USB to streamline your operations and equipment requirements.

Need the most streamlined temperature monitoring of all? With the Log-ic 360™ auto reply postcard, the person receiving the shipment simply presses a button on the postcard to stop recording and drops it in the mail.

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