ATI offers an extra dose of control for the pharmaceutical cold chain. Now you can minimize the risks of temperature fluctuations, from production to the consumer. Our cold chain solutions offer complete traceability and temperature histories, anywhere in transit or storage. It’s time to ship with assurance and insist on accountability.

With ATI, temperature monitoring doesn’t have to be a tough pill to swallow. We help you uncover cold chain issues and minimize the risk of temperature excursions:

  • Innovative solutions designed to deliver end-to-end temperature monitoring based on your specific distribution, staffing, implementation and budget requirements
  • Fast and efficient wireless RFID monitoring, making it possible to scan thousands of temperature loggers without opening boxes
  • Accurate, detailed temperature monitoring, analysis and reporting to meet evolving regulatory requirements and other pressing challenges

Our Log-ic 360™ temperature monitoring solution offers numerous convenient options. These include single and multi-use temperature loggers with built-in USB, NFC loggers, and Dry Ice loggers - providing access to temperature data without investing in logger readers.

With the Log-ic 360™ auto reply postcard, you can easily monitor temperatures down to the last mile. All the recipient needs to do is push the button to stop recording and drop it in the mail.

Innovative products from ATI, such as our Hi-Temp Indicator with 2D barcode, save time and expense, while minimizing the risks of temperature damage.

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