Dual Temp Indicators

Exposure to temperatures outside of a moderate range can compromise the quality of many products. The Dual Temp Monitor gives you assurance of compliance, and proof of temperature excursions, all the way to the last mile.  ATI designed the Dual Temp Monitor for easy implementation and use anywhere. Color change indicators will quickly turn to red at both the high or low response temperatures, providing a clear visual alert.

Dual Card

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries primarily have proven the benefits of Dual Temp Monitors.

Protection at the unit level, Dual Temp Monitors allow you to monitor to end-use point.

It couldn’t be simpler to use with one-step visual and irreversible indication that provides clear proof of exposure temperatures.

Detection of hot and cold extremes lets you enforce Controlled Room Temperature expectations throughout your cold chain.

Environmentally safe disposal.  You now have an accurate, economical alternative over electronic or batterypowered systems for monitoring high and low temperature excursions

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