Forehead Thermometers

Fast. Non-invasive. Accurate. Unbreakable. It’s easy to make the case for ATI forehead thermometers. They’re more effective and economical than glass thermometers in many situations. Ideal for children and incapacitated patients, our forehead thermometers excel in first-aid and pandemic kits, general healthcare, hospitals and surgery centers.

ATI’s forehead thermometers are FDA-compliant Class II medical devices, incorporating the highest quality liquid crystal technology.

You can obtain accurate core body temperatures within 15 seconds with no worries about glass or hazardous materials.

Choices include single- or multi-use, adhesive or non-adhesive, hypoallergenic and a variety of sizes.

Whatever quantity you need, you can expect responsive quality service with ATI’s resources and expertise. One customer ordered 20 million, and we met their expectations.

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