Innovative, Cost-Saving Products

If you want to reduce risk and save costs, think outside the cold chain. That’s how ATI delivers unique advantages to you. Our solutions consider how to make operations more efficient. They also add value to your products and services. It’s why our custom solutions answer critical challenges across many industries.

Log-ic 360™

Easy, time-saving wireless temperature-monitoring features durable, water-resistant temperature loggers, mobile readers and Certiscan® software.

Descending Temperature Indicators

Flexible indicators show at a glance if products have been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures during transit or storage.


Dual Temp Indicators

ATI’s Dual Temp Card and CRT Monitor Card combine two proven irreversible indicators, telling you at a glance if products have been exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Irreversible Indicators

Ideal for medical products or food distribution, ATI self-adhesive labels provide an irreversible record of temperatures between 26-215°C.


Drug Testing

ATI temperature indicators are the number one choice for FDA-approved specimen cups, ensuring that specimens come from the proper donor.

Liquid Crystal

Choose any custom format you need for affordable, real-time temperature monitoring featuring reusable, unbreakable, color-changing indicators.

Forehead Thermometers

Accurate, easy fever detection makes our FDA-compliant medical thermometers ideal for first aid, medical, surgical and pandemic kits.

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