Temperature Monitoring that Ensures Safe and Delicious Seafood

Temperature damage can easily eat into your profits and food quality. ATI answers both issues with cost-effective, cold chain solutions. You can monitor temperatures at the unit, case, pallet or truck level, or any combination. Temperature excursions can’t hide anywhere in the cold chain. That’s food for thought. Accountability starts here.



We Cover Every Temperature

Seafood Temperature Monitoring
With increasing FDA regulations for temperature management and monitoring in the seafood industry, ATI has the right products and tools to help you simplify your HACCP compliance program to remain in step with new regulations. Our accurate and precise temperature monitoring labels and electronic data loggers help create effective temperature monitoring solutions for your cold chain distribution needs.

Seafood Temperature Monitoring

Descending Temperature Indicators Temperature Monitoring

Descending Temperature Indicators
With ATI’s Descending Temperature Indicators, you’ll know at a glance if biologics or other medical products have been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures.

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LOG-IC 360 Temperature Monitoring Device

LOG-IC® 360 Data Loggers
ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 electronic data loggers provide reliable, timely and accurate access to the temperature data of your precious cargo. You can have temperature data at your fingertips.

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Ascending Threshold Indicators

Ascending Threshold Indicators
ATI is the industry leader for temperature monitoring stickers. We work with you to develop a customized ascending temperature sticker to precisely meet your product needs. We develop accurate, custom, reliable temperature monitoring solutions.

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Successful temperature monitoring can mean the difference between safe and potentially harmful, between profit and loss, and between edible and spoiled. ATI’s commitment to precision, industry  expertise and our ongoing enthusiasm for innovation translate to custom solutions designed to address known problems within our customers’ cold chains. When temperature matters, contact ATI. 


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