Sample Carriers

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Our prote-go insulated carrier makes transporting temperature-sensitive samples a breeze. The prote-go sample carrier provides sales professionals with a way to safely transport temperature-sensitive samples.

Meaning to defend or to protect in Latin, prote-go carriers were built for ultimate temperature control to the last mile. 

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Prote-go Sample Transportation Delivery

Built to protect and hold temperature, the prote-go bag was designed for function.

In addition to its temperature control capabilities, the bag comes with a zipper area on the front made for a laptop and additional storage areas for notebooks, pens, and for ease of use when stepping into a doctor’s office, healthcare facility, or to the point
of care.

Safely Transport Samples

The risk for hazardous temperatures increases when physical product handling, changing ambient climates, and uncontrolled delays are involved.

The prote-go carrier was designed to protect and maintain temperatures for pharmaceutical and medical device products for a minimum of 8 hours.  

Transport your samples without the need for electricity or ice, making it ideal for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical samples, serums, tissue samples, lab specimens, and medical supplies.  

Minimum hours temperature is maintained

The Prote-Go Difference

Passive Technology

Prote-go eliminates complicated conditioning processes. Simply unzip the walls of the carrier to expose the Phase Change Material. Leave it open overnight at room temperature (10 hours) and the bag is ready for use again.


With an internal payload space of 25L and a weight of only 6 pounds, prote-go allows for large amount of samples for a full days work. In addition, our prote-go carrier has exterior pockets to carry your laptop, sales materials, and accessories all in one place.


Using the ISTA 7E standards, the prote-go carrier and the samples used were tested to temperature extremes in excess of 47°C for over 12 hours. Although extreme, the prote-go carrier is designed to protect your pharmaceutical assets. 

*Researched based on ISTA 7E Standards

Prote-Go Benefits

Assuring sample integrity on the go


Weighs less than 8lbs

Temperature Stable

Holds products 15°C – 30°C for 8+ hours

Easy to condition

Conditions overnight at room temperature


Open ~ 8 times/day and still maintain temperature


Can carry a payload of up to 25L

Customizable exterior

Add your own branding to fit your needs

Critical Applications for Sample Transport


Transport pharmaceuticals with confidence and accuracy.  Prote-go supports a temperature range of 15°C – 30°C.


Keep your specimen samples within a specific temperature range from the point of care to the lab.


When direct to the patient is necessary, have the confidence that it has been kept profile for immediate care.

On-The-Go Storage

The prote-go sample carrier combines the style and convenience of a messenger bag with the performance of a cold chain shipper. It can be reused hundreds of times, it is an affordable, durable, and convenient option to transport your samples on the go.

This lightweight tote has over 25L of payload space and has room to carry your laptop as well as other accessories. Best of all, the prote-go sample carrier does not require lengthy or complicated packing and conditioning processes. This passive system resets simply by being stored overnight, unzipped, and opened at room temperature.

Adaptek Technology

Phase Chase Material technology absorbs and releases thermal energy in order to maintain a regulated temperature. Our team at CAVU Group has merged the need for thermal management and the use of passive temperature management to design a new way for sample delivery.

Using our Microtek, adaptek technology, multiple fill options, packaging, and temperatures can be tested and identified for your unique application.


Looking for a custom transport Carrier?

As a leading provider of thermal management solutions, CAVU Group offers a wide variety of temperatures, including that outside of cold chain and CRT ranges. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, let’s create a carrier that fits your needs, together.

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