Food & Beverage solutions

Temperature monitoring for perishable and frozen products.

Ensure Safe and Delicious Food with Accurate Temperature Monitoring

With increasing FDA regulations around temperature management and monitoring in the food and beverage industries, ATI has a full portfolio of solutions to streamline your HACCP compliance. Our accurate and reliable chemical labels, electronic indicators, and electronic data loggers provide effective temperature monitoring solutions for your cold chain distribution needs.

Food Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Whether you are trying to maintain properly refrigerated or frozen temperatures to comply with food safety regulations or you want to protect your brand by assuring quality all the way to consumption, ATI has a full selection of accurate chemical and electronic temperature monitoring solutions. You can track temperatures at the individual product, pallet, or truck level to guarantee effective temperature monitoring for your cold chain needs.

Electronic Data Loggers

ATI offers electronic indicators and data loggers for reliable, timely, and accurate access to the temperature data of your product. Whether you need a quick indication of temperature or full-time and temperature history, our portfolio of electronic solutions have you covered.

Temperature Indicating Labels

ATI offers standard and custom ascending and descending threshold indicators to track changing temperatures. We work with you to develop the proper solution to effectively monitor and display results based on set critical temperatures.

Shipping & Storage Solutions

Whether your logistics method includes shipping or an in-person delivery, Microtek pouches will protect your valuable goods from critical temperatures. Simply choose the size and temperature of your pouch, place it in your package, and ship worry-free.

Customer Success Stories

Temperature-Sensitive Promotional Label for Absolut Vodka

Absolut® created a promotional label that drove consumers to their website. The label needed to stick to the bottle during transportation and withstand freezing conditions while holding promotional value.

Most consumers store their vodka in the freezer. Therefore, a label that could be applied to the bottle and reveal a code when a certain temperature is reached would certainly be interactive and attract attention. The individual code would be entered into their campaign website. The consumer would be eligible for prizes and the Absolut® marketing research team would receive valuable information about their customers.

1.3 million labels were produced and delivered to the Absolut® manufacturing facility. The project was rolled out for promotional marketing purposes.  

Global case shipments jumped 9%, and Absolut® gained market share in the crowded and increasingly competitive U.S. market – no easy task for a mature brand trying to fend off an
ever-expanding pool of upstarts.

Custom Freshness Monitors for Packaged Food

Develop an irreversible label that visually indicates high-temperature excursions to ensure flavor quality and seasoning stability of Frito-Lay products, which can be adversely affected in transit during the hot
summer months.

ATI developed an irreversible high temperature ascending (HTA) label with a three-part temperature scale to provide monitoring and accountability for Frito-Lay’s summer seasoning freshness protection program. The labels will be used on all pallets and totes between May
and September.

Frito-Lay used the term “Freshness Monitors” for the HTA labels to highlight their vital role in the program. The shipping department receives directions on the use and placement of the HTA labels, which are required on all shipments during the summer season.

Distribution and retailers now look at the labels and quickly determine if there has been a temperature excursion during transit that could affect product quality. In addition, the Freshness Monitors help communicate the importance of maintaining proper temperatures to everyone in
the supply chain.

Reducing Claims for Imported Seafood with Temperature Monitoring

Develop a temperature monitoring program to meet HACCP regulations for the importation of seafood. It must be cost-effective, provide sufficient documentation to prove temperature compliance, and be easy to use and implement globally.

Major seafood importers need to ensure that imported seafood stays below 20°F. ATI’s Auto Reply Postcard program provides a complete temperature history throughout the entire duration of the shipment. LED lights on the device provide a visual alarm if seafood was not kept at proper temperature. Auto Reply Postcards are returned to ATI for data upload. The importer accesses data 24/7 to download documentation to support their acceptance of shipment

Log-ic Auto Reply Postcards arrive at the exporter ready to be turned on with a quick and easy press of a button. Unique Identifiers on the postcard allow the importer to track where shipments are coming from. All data is uploaded to the ATI CAVU Hub cloud portal for the importer’s reference and documentation.

The seafood importer is audit-ready and able to supply documentation to support temperature compliance. Log-ic Auto Reply postcard program provides a cost-effective solution with the added value of protecting the quality and safety of their seafood products.

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