Medical Device Temperature Monitoring

The health of your cold chain is mission-critical and when temperatures rise too high or fall too low, medical products and devices can be compromised.

Maintain the integrity of your medical device with proper Temperature Monitoring

As an FDA-registered facility, ATI offers fully validated temperature indicators and electronic data loggers with a complete line of temperature monitoring solutions. Actively monitor temperature as your medical devices are manufactured, shipped, and stored in a wide range of climates. 

Medical Device Monitoring Solutions

Temperature damage can have huge implications for critical applications in the medical device industry. ATI helps mitigate those risks with reliable temperature monitoring solutions as early in the development and manufacturing process as needed.

We provide manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients comfort in knowing temperature-sensitive medical devices will function properly. The integrity of your brand relies on mandated temperature monitoring to ensure quality is maintained throughout the supply chain.

Electronic Data Loggers

ATI offers electronic indicators and data loggers for reliable, timely, and accurate access to the temperature data of your product. Whether you need a quick indication of temperature or full-time and temperature history, our portfolio of electronic solutions have you covered.

Temperature Indicating Labels

ATI offers standard and custom ascending and descending threshold indicators to track changing temperatures. We work with you to develop the proper solution to effectively monitor and display results based on set critical temperatures.

Sample Carrier

The prote-go sample carrier allows your sales professionals to safely transport temperature-sensitive samples to doctor’s offices throughout their busy day, giving you the assurance that
your product is protected and at a consistent temperature.

Customer Success Stories

Monitoring Surgical Stent Temperatures to Ensure Patient Safety

Prevent temperature-compromised stents from being used in surgical procedures, while ensuring efficient temperature monitoring and documentation of each device.

For years, the medical device industry has used two labels on temperature-sensitive products: a barcode for product information and a temperature indicator to warn of possible product damage. ATI addressed the challenge by combining a 2D barcode with a temperature excursion indicator.

The 2D barcode labels are applied in the initial stage of the packaging process. Since the barcodes must be scanned at various steps during final packaging, this process prevents a stent from being shipped without a temperature label.

The hybrid HTA/2D barcode label solved a dual challenge while highlighting Boston Scientific’s quality focus. Both time-and cost-savings were achieved with the application and scanning processes reduced from two steps to one. Simplified validation also improves the quality of care in surgical centers.

ATI Data Loggers Ensure IV Efficacy At Hospitals

Implement a temperature monitoring solution to inform the hospital pharmacy whether unused IV bags, returned from nurse stations
throughout the hospital, have lost their efficacy due to lengthy exposure
in non-refrigerated environments.

With the effectiveness of LOG-I®C 360 loggers proven for the external cold chain, the same solution was chosen to record the temperature of IV bags traveling throughout the hospital, giving the pharmacist a full-time/temperature history.

The multi-use LOG-IC® 360 logger is attached to IV bags with high-value medications. Pharmacists easily see if the medications have been exposed to adverse temperatures and then reuse the loggers on other medications.

As a result of the LOG-IC® 360 implementation, the hospital has saved costs by preventing unnecessary waste of good medications, while providing a safer environment for their patients.

Assuring Medical Patient Health with ATI Temperature Labels

Ensure that a prosthesis used in lumbar spine surgery is not exposed to temperatures exceeding 60°C from the time it leaves the manufacturing facility until it is used in the operating room.

The manufacturer chose ATI high temperature ascending (HTA) labels to prevent high-temperature damage to its prosthesis product during transit and storage. A white viewing window on the HTA labels will permanently turn red if the temperature exceeds 60°C.

The HTA labels are placed on each product carton at the manufacturing facility. At every transfer point – from the warehouse or distribution center to the medical facility to the operating room – personnel easily verify that the high-temperature limit has not been exceeded.

Surgeons who use the prosthesis are assured that the viability of the product has not been compromised by excessive temperatures. The labels also highlight the quality assurance commitment of the manufacturer, further enhancing consumer confidence.

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