Life Sciences Temperature Monitoring

Temperature-sensitive life science products carry a unique set of challenges and requirements in regards to proper shipment and storage conditions.

Protect your product & the patient with temperature monitoring

As an FDA-registered facility, ATI’s commitment to validated products is why leading life science companies rely on us for demanding temperature monitoring solutions. Our solutions track temperature from the beginning stages of development and manufacturing, through shipment and storage, all the way to the last mile.

Life Science Temperature Monitoring Solutions

ATI’s temperature monitoring solutions provide peace of mind that your critical products have been kept within acceptable temperature ranges throughout the supply chain. Our full portfolio of solutions helps you protect samples, medicines, vaccines, blood, tissue, and pharmaceuticals from possible temperature excursions. 

We work with the industry leaders in the life science industry to develop custom solutions to detect exposure to potential temperature dangers and effectively display those results.

Electronic Data Loggers

ATI offers electronic indicators and data loggers for reliable, timely, and accurate access to the temperature data of your product. Whether you need a quick indication of temperature or full-time and temperature history, our portfolio of electronic solutions have you covered.

Sample Carrier

Allow your sales professionals to safely transport temperature-sensitive samples to doctor’s offices throughout their busy day, giving you the assurance that your product is protected.

Shipping & Storage Solutions

Whether your logistics method includes shipping or an in-person delivery, Microtek pouches will protect your valuable goods from critical temperatures. Find out more about our thermal management solutions.

Customer Success Stories

ATI Forehead Thermometers Help Raise Health Awareness

Develop a thermometer to be packaged in a cold and flu medication, sold exclusively in Mexico, to highlight the importance of monitoring symptoms such as fevers during the H1N1 epidemic.

Genomma Labs chose ATI’s liquid crystal forehead thermometers for their accuracy, ease of use, and low cost per unit. Extended shelf life and a reusable design also made them an ideal choice for this application

ATI manufactured forehead thermometers for Genomma Labs, designed to help consumers easily obtain accurate core body temperatures non-invasively within 15 seconds. In addition to meeting the design objectives, ATI shipped over 5 million of the thermometers to Mexico, meeting the tight schedules of the logistics team.

The forehead thermometer provided a value-added premium to increase sales of the new product, one that also addressed a serious health concern. The success of the product launch resulted in an additional order of 20 million forehead thermometers to meet the demand.

Protecting a School Vaccine Program

Protect a large quantity of H1N1 vaccines for schoolchildren from low or high-temperature damage with economical, easy-to-use monitors, while meeting a critical schedule.

ATI customized its LOG-IC® 360 wireless temperature monitoring solution to meet the exact specifications. LOG-IC® 360 loggers would be used as a stand-alone solution, giving personnel an immediate visual indication of high and low-temperature excursions for accurate decision support.

After determining programming parameters, ATI detailed the logistics and training necessary to streamline distribution and proper use of the loggers. LOG-IC® 360 loggers accompanied the vaccine shipments, while additional loggers were used in monitoring the storage of vaccines over the winter break.

ATI delivered 10,000 programmed LOG-IC® 360 loggers within a week, including easy-to-use instructions for personnel. The clearly labeled loggers made them easy to turn on and off, and the green or red lights provided a quick visual reference to indicate whether any temperature excursion occurred.

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