3 Key Things Good Data Logger Software Will Provide

    Posted by Carissa Smith on March 24,2020


    Data logger software should be an all-encompassing solution to provide a streamlined process for visibility into your temperature, humidity, and other sensor data. Three things you should consider when purchasing data loggers and their accommodating software are:

    1. Digital Data & Security

    For ease-of-use, data logger software should be cloud-based and easy to access 24/7. However, security is a critical measure to take into account to ensure your data is available, accurate, and protected. You will want to consider what services are being used to store your data and if the data is easily exportable by the user. Digital data, securely stored within a cloud-based system, allows the user to be proactive, even predictive, based on trends from various shipments.

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    2. Location & Timestamp

    Each session of data should provide coordinates to the location of data upload along with accurate timestamps. This information creates a digital trail and simplifies your auditing process. Critical information about each upload also assists in the chain of custody. You will be able to identify areas within your supply chain that may pose a threat to your product, customer and even brand.

    3. Ability to Manage Users

    Good Data Logger Software provides the ability to manage various types of users – administrators, standard viewers, etc.  Most supply chains are extremely complex, so having visibility to each member within the chain provides a universal view of your temperature data. For example, if you happen to be the headquarters of a large food distributor, your data logger software should provide a full range of data from each of your distribution centers. However, you may want each DC to only view their personal data. Most people only view data logger software as the tool used to program the device. However, the software can be much more powerful in collecting, sharing and analyzing the data to provide great insights into the quality of your shipments.

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