3 Reasons to Choose Electronic Temperature Monitoring

    Posted by Carissa Smith on August 29,2018

    To ensure your products retain their integrity and safety during shipping, careful temperature monitoring is a top priority. While there’s an array of devices available for temperature monitoring, they all fall into two main categories: electronic or chemical (color-changing).


    Choosing the best option for your use-case depends on variables like the type of product, acceptable temperature ranges to monitor, temperature regulations, and the shipping methods utilized. There are times when chemistry-based options will get the job done, but electronic temperature monitoring is extremely effective for most applications. Here are three reasons electronic may be the best fit:


    Electronic data loggers provide greater accuracy of temperature fluctuations within the supply chain. Not only will you know what temperatures have been reached, you’ll be able to precisely pinpoint when they were reached, allowing you to address any issues that may be risks during future shipments. ATI’s LOG-IC® 360 electronic data loggers can be used with a computer, reader, or smart device to instantly download full time and temperature data of your shipment to analyze and share – anytime, anywhere.


    Electronic solutions allow you to monitor multiple critical temperatures that could affect the quality of your product. One device can be programmed with up to 4 time and temperature alarms, allowing you to manage all the data seamlessly through one solution. The temperature data can then be stored in a cloud database, allowing less manual records to be maintained.


    Electronic monitors are easy to read, a clear yes or no regarding whether or not critical temperatures have been reached give you complete visibility into your supply chain or your products’ storage conditions. Other indicators are not always as clear – a slight color change may leave you questioning what temperatures were reached during shipment.

    Effectively measuring and displaying temperature variations is crucial in maintaining the safety and integrity of your products and protecting consumers. Tracking temperatures from the beginning stages of development and manufacturing, through shipment and storage, require a wide-range of monitoring solutions and electronic indicators offer the most accurate and complete data available giving you the most comprehensive view of your supply chain.

    To learn more about what temperature monitoring solution you need, take our quiz!

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