3 Ways Data Loggers Help Your Brand Integrity

    Posted by Carissa Smith on August 07,2020


    Brand integrity is how consumers perceive your company or brand through its product or service, image and reputation. Shipping and storing temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, biologics, insulin, industrial goods and food can create some complexity for your logistics, warehousing and quality teams.

    How will you keep the product at temperature? How will you ensure it has stayed at temperature? How do you make the data easily accessible from manufacturing to delivery? How will you guarantee that the efficacy, quality and safety of the product is maintained all the way through to the end user?

    A thermal management packing solution strategically paired with an electronic data logger is the answer!

    Here are 3 ways data loggers help your brand integrity:

    Provide your team a simple process for monitoring

    Electronic data loggers can be programmed to easily integrate into your warehousing storage or supply chain. If you have a number of temperature conditions, dependent on the product you are shipping, data loggers can be inventoried and programmed on-site through a simple app on any mobile device. If you have set parameters for your product, the devices can be pre-programmed and simply powered on and placed within the box or shipment. There are multiple settings that can be customized for ease of application within your processes.

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    Keep it simple, but powerful

    Once the logger is active, there is no need to worry. There are many options available, but with a suggested Bluetooth data logger, you won’t even need to open each box! Simply connect to the logger using a device-specific app and pull the temperature data straight from the closed box. This data can then be reviewed or shared via a PDF or CSV file. This data is the key to your product quality and can give insight into areas of concern.

    Provide an easy way to access and analyze the data

    By using a Bluetooth temperature data logger, digital data becomes your new standard. You have data at your fingertips, and not as a paper trail or manual form. Through quality checks and auditing processes, you can share your data instantly. If you’re a manufacturer that is selling through multiple shipping lanes and distribution channels, you will have a detailed overview displaying temperature data that may have affected your product. To easily capture and store this data, a cloud platform can be used to provide valuable insight through reports and filters. Brand integrity will be protected, and customer satisfaction will be guaranteed!

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