4 Touchpoints for Temperature Controlled Logistics

    Posted by Carissa Smith on March 04,2019


    It’s not hard to see why temperature control and monitoring is critical when it comes to shipping pharmaceuticals. Many drugs and medications are temperature-sensitive and when they aren’t kept at the right temperature or humidity level they can become ineffective or even dangerous.

    The pharmaceutical supply chain involves moving these drugs and medications from one facility to another or from a facility directly to the patient. Obviously, when you scale this out to the millions of patients and healthcare facilities that need these medications, it gets exponentially complex to ensure that these standards are being met.

    The Guide to Temperature Controlled Logistics outlines the 4 most common touchpoints in the pharmaceutical industry. These may vary, but it generally looks something like this:

    1. Preparing the product for transport to the shipper location 
      This is often the starting point for the pharmaceuticals, and it’s crucial that the temperature control and monitoring starts here as well. The warehouse needs to have the correct measures in place to make sure that the product will be stored at the right temperature.
    2. Transportation to the shipper location 
      Obviously it’s important that the transportation vehicle can meet the temperature needs of the pharmaceuticals it’s shipping. Whether it’s refrigerated vehicles or passive cooling systems, you need to make sure that the refrigeration is always on to minimize the exposure.
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    3. Physical loading
      A smooth, streamlined loading process is paramount. Will there be any delays during the loading process? Will it be hot or cold enough on the dock to potentially affect the product? These are important questions to ask!
    4. During transit
      Is your product being protected throughout the logistics process? Are there adequate temperature controls in place to guarantee the product is safe?

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