4 Ways that Data Loggers Will Instantly Improve Your Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    Posted by Carissa Smith on April 21,2020


    If you’re not already using data loggers in your supply chain, you’re missing an opportunity to streamline your shipping process, simplify compliancy, make better informed decisions, and protect the integrity of your brand.

    Here are the top four ways that data loggers will instantly improve your pharmaceutical supply chain:

    1. Digital Record-keeping

    When you’re storing your data digitally and making that information available to all key stakeholders, you will be in a much better place when it comes to auditing and compliance reasons. For 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for example, having data accessible digitally simplifies that process for them to be compliant to that standard. When you can do that, you’re limiting your exposure to fines and other financial penalties.

    Fines also go beyond just the financial loss – nobody wants to be in the news for failing to meet regulations. Your business is only as strong as your brand and being tied to a recalled product will hurt your image big time.

    2. Consumer Safety and Drug Efficacy

    When drugs are exposed to temperatures outside of the desired range, they can be rendered totally useless – or worse, harmful – to the end-user. So, data loggers can act as a watchdog to ensure that the pharmaceuticals or medical devices remain intact and safe to consume. If vaccines freeze, if a heart monitor has moisture, if medicine bakes in the sun, data loggers will be able to supply accurate information that could consider your product compromised.


    3. Financial Savings

    That instant access to information also offers the chance for significant financial savings. Let’s say you are shipping a temperature-sensitive product from New York to California, data loggers can indicate to the supply chain professionals when a shipment fell out of temperature range so the shipment can be stopped immediately. This will reduce shipping costs for a product that may be deemed unsafe and also provides an opportunity for follow-up on a new shipment of quality product.

    4. Informed decision-making

    What all of these factors have in common is that the instant, accurate information empowers companies like never before to make informed, data-driven decisions that impact the bottom line and protect the integrity of their brand.

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