5 Ways to Customize your Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Posted by Carissa Smith on March 21,2018

    In a world where you can customize the color of your shoes or personalize your favorite drink, it’s no wonder why our customers want to customize their temperature monitoring indicators to match their brand specifications. From the shape to the overall finish, our products can be designed for your specific needs.

    In addition to looking the part, temperature indicators must work for your specifications  as well. American Thermal Instruments’ temperature indicators face harsh challenges while monitoring products during the shipping phase of the distribution process. That’s why we created a number of custom options for our solutions to help mitigate risk to your product and provide the overall “perfect” experience.


    Check out these cost-effective customization options:

    1. QR Codes

    A majority of the ATI chemical indicators include a unique identifier in the form of a QR code. By taking a photo of the device with the DataNow App, you will record the unique ID, date and time, along with a check mark or red “x” to display that the temperature threshold has been met. You can simply push this information to the DataNow Cloud, allowing you to digitally maintain all of your temperature data history.

    1. Ultimate Personalization

    ATI offers several custom options to ensure your brand stays consistent with your products. Your Account Representative will help assist you through the process of adding your company logo, displaying an image, selecting the right finish and much more – until your product is the exact solution you desire.

    With digital die-cutting in-house, we can even customize the shape of your product to fit the application.

    Our Account Representatives have many years of experience suiting customers like you with the proper temperature monitoring solution.

    1. Temperature Range

    Do you know what temperatures affect your product or do you need help in determining which thresholds you should include for a monitoring solution? The ATI staff is trained in providing the right solution for temperature mapping. They can assist you in specifying a temperature range or ranges you should monitor that could affect your products quality. ATI has created solutions that has had over 20 temperature thresholds! We want to assist you in ensuring that your product reaches the end location in the same form that it was shipped in.

    1. Application

    We understand that the application is critical when it comes to temperature monitoring. Whether you need an adhesive backed solution to stick directly to a product or box, an instruction card to include directions on how to read the outcome of the device or a standalone product that can be easily incorporated into a package, we have a solution for you. With an in-house R&D lab along with a highly experienced Technology Team, we are able to test various applications to ensure you have the right fit.

    1. Finishing

    Depending on your application, you may need a solution finished a certain way.  We are familiar with various automated processes along with manual applications to guarantee the best fit for your overall process. We are able to finish our chemical indicators in roll or fanfold form, packaged to a box based on your specs and fully identified to make your receival and application process seamless.

    What really sets ATI apart is our dedication and commitment to collaborating with our customers. Our knowledgeable sales team has years of industry and temperature monitoring experience to aid in creating tailored recommendations.

    Our research and development group is continually exploring new ideas and concepts to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the toughest of temperature monitoring needs. Passion for innovation is pervasive at ATI. This is evidenced by the fact that many of our longest standing customers purchase multiple products and think of ATI first when they have a new temperature monitoring need.

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    on how we can work with you to develop the perfect temperature monitoring solution for your application.

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