ATI Forehead Thermometers: The Perfect On-Pack Promotion for Your Pharmaceutical

    Posted by Carissa Smith on November 16,2018


    Are you a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer looking for a way to make your products stand-out from the competition on the store shelf? Building brand loyalty and finding a way to strengthen brand image these days is becoming harder and harder. Research shows that on or in-pack promotions can help drive consumer engagement, increasing your sales numbers without decreasing the product price.

    According to the Global Marketing Alliance, 1 in 3 adults would choose a product that included an offer on the front of the packaging. I think about shopping with my kids on a weekly basis and how their eyes light up when there is a free gift inside the cereal box. At that point, I know I’m buying that brand no matter what the cost is. It’s also a given that when we walk back into that store a week later, the first thing that comes to mind is that free “gift”. It’s interesting to read that actually 68% of consumers overall feel that receiving any type of reward or offer would increase their likelihood to stick with a brand.

    For over 10 years, our customers have had success using ATI forehead thermometers as an on-pack promotion for cold and flu medications. As a Class II Medical device, these thermometers are extremely accurate and effective. Within 15 seconds, you will know, by color change, if there is a risk of fever. Unlike standard thermometers, these products are non-breakable and environmentally friendly. This device is extremely convenient and easy-to-use.

    Our Healthcare Experts partner with you to create a completely customized device, unique to your brand. We offer the ability to choose size, shape, temperature range and overall design. With no special storage requirements and no battery, the product can be taken anywhere and reused over and over again. Just think, consumers could be carrying your branded promotion in their purse or pocket for years to come.

    Our Infographic breaks down the main reasons why you should consider a on-pack pairing for your pharmaceutical!


    View a high-definition version of the Infographic by clicking here

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