4 Ways that Bluetooth Data Loggers Instantly Improve Your Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    Posted by Carissa Smith on July 09,2020

    Bluetooth Data Loggers Instantly Improve Your Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    It’s no secret by now that Bluetooth data loggers can streamline efficiency of the supply chain and give you real-time access to data to identify possible temperature and humidity excursions.

    Here are the top four ways they can instantly improve your pharmaceutical supply chain:

      1. Customizable to cover most applications

    Bluetooth data loggers are easily programmable to capture the correct time and temperature thresholds you need to maintain. By using a mobile app, the device can be personally configured and deployed in seconds. This provides great flexibility within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain due to the various environments each drug and vaccine can withstand and remain effective.

      2. No need to open the box

    Bluetooth data loggers automate the data capturing process. Instead of having to open each box, find a logger, plug it in or read via NFC, you are now able to use an App that connects automatically to the logger and pulls the critical temperature and humidity data. This reduces the number of manual touches needed and guarantees accurate digital data.

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      3. Streamlines 21CFR Part 11 Compliancy

    Following the 21 CFR Part 11 Compliancy standards, temperature and humidity data collected from your logger is stored digitally and cannot be edited. Users are able to comment or add notes to provide details aside from the actual data. Furthermore, using a cloud platform to store and track your data provides a full audit trail of activities and action taken

      4. Provides predictive data analytics

    If you have extensive data from your logger, you will be able to determine trends in environments, seasons, shipping lanes, and more. These trends provide you measures to begin predicting what could happen and needs to happen with a shipment before ever letting the product leave your door. Quality is key to keeping medicine effective and ultimately, patients safe. Being proactive to make this happen ensures brand integrity.


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