CAVU Group Introduces a Revolutionary System for Maintaining Pharmaceutical Sample Integrity

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    CAVU Group Introduces a Revolutionary System for Maintaining Pharmaceutical Sample Integrity


    Note:  You are invited to a new product introduction event at the CAVU Pack Expo (Booth SL-6728) at the Healthcare Packaging Expo on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 11:00 AM.


    SEPTEMBER 27, 2021; DAYTON, OH – Temperature variation presents transportation challenges for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and medical devices. For years, organizations have relied on bulky, heavy, portable carriers to transport these samples. Today, CAVU Group has developed prote-go: a lightweight, sample transportation system that protects temperature sensitives pharmaceuticals and medical devices from first meeting through the last.


    Prote-go Sample Carrier

    When CAVU Group (Dayton, OH) looked at the pharmaceutical carrier market they asked: What if there were a lightweight, thermal management solution for temperature-sensitive samples that a sales representative could carry throughout a typical workday? What if this carrier were easy to transport and could protect samples for a minimum of 8 hours? And suppose this same carrier had the ability to condition overnight at room-temperature.

    Durable and reliable, CAVU’s prote-go was developed to answer the call for a more effective and long-lasting thermal control solution for the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other biomedical samples.  The versatile carrier is designed to transport a variety of content with diverse temperature requirements in all seasons.

    Weighing less than eight pounds, the innovative carrier is a lightweight ergonomic product that a sales representative can conveniently carry to appointments throughout a typical workday.

    “As processes change and new products are developed, it’s critical that logistics and sales professionals adapt as well,” explained CAVU product manager, David Haan. “When considering temperature-controlled shipping options, it’s important to work with a partner that understands all factors involved and offers a wide variety of thermal management solutions and approaches.”

    Backed by CAVU’s focus to provide practical commercial temperature solutions, prote-go is engineered to guarantee brand integrity. Additionally, the durable yet attractive soft-sided tote is leak and sweat proof, can be personalized, and offers the convenience of additional storage space and easy maintenance.

    “With over 25L of payload space, the tote has added room for a laptop or other accessories,” said Haan. “Best of all, the prote-go sample carrier does not require lengthy or complicated packing and conditioning processes. Because the system is engineered with phase-change material, the system resets by simply storing the tote overnight, open, and at room temperature.”


    Unmatched Protection

    From capsules and pills to liquids, sprays, inhalers, injectables, and beyond, pharmaceuticals and medical devices come in a wide variety of forms. But regardless of type or chemical composition, all must be maintained within temperature safe environments through their lifecycle. Even during short excursions, temperature fluctuations pose a risk to today’s temperature-sensitive drugs and medical devices.

    Sales are the lifeblood of any organization, and the pharmaceutical and medical industry are no different.  For more than 35 years CAVU Group has been safeguarding products throughout healthcare, life sciences, consumer products, and industrial sectors with practical thermal management solutions. prote-go carriers provide the unmatched confidence that pharmaceutical samples are safely guarded from your first meeting through your last.


    About CAVU Group

    Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio (USA), CAVU Group is a leading global provider of temperature monitoring and management solutions for industry’s most critical applications. Our precision, industry knowledge and enthusiasm for innovation provide the strong foundation our customers rely on to ensure brand integrity throughout the product lifecycle.


    CAVU (Ceiling and Visibility Unrestricted) is an aviation acronym that represents ideal flying conditions. Our name reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the region’s great aviation heritage. With ideal conditions, we are unrestricted on the possibilities to impact the everyday lives of our customers.


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