Fresh Flowers – The #1 Gift for Special Occasions

    Posted by Carissa Smith on February 10,2017

    Think about a new friendship, relationship or one that has gone on for decades. There aren’t many things that make you feel more special than receiving a dozen roses for as special occassion. If you really think about how many thousands of miles those flowers went before reaching your hands, it’s amazing what a streamlined cold chain can do to maintain the overall appearance of the flowers.

    The STRAT Trade Times published an article titled, Flower Logistics: Cool, Competitive, Collaborative, covering the importance of flower freshness. The cut flower industry has been growing rapidly as flowers are the number one item given for most special occasions.

    Try to think about the journey a flower must take from grower to consumer. Due to extreme delicacy, temperature is the number one factor that plays into appearance and shelf life of the product. STRAT mentions that billions of stems are imported annually from all over the world and travel through the center of the US flower distribution system – Miami International Airport.

    With the very first snip of a stem, growers have a process in place for hydrating and cooling the flowers.  They are packed for transportation; usually in a box with some method of watering.  Lastly, they are loaded onto pallets and refrigerated trucks transport them to an airport where they are loaded on cargo planes. With all of these steps along the way, there is a high chance of temperature excursion that will lead to a declining look and ultimately the life of the shipment.


    ATI’s economical Freshness Monitor gives an easy to read indication if a temperature excursion has been breached throughout the cold chain. The multi-step indicator shows if there is a need for a closer inspection or testing, or if there is a possibility that the entire shipment needs to be questioned for distribution. This type of temperature monitoring solution guarantees that your product has stayed within the given temperatures and ensures a happy customer that will keep coming back!

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