FSMA Temperature Rules Summarized

    Posted by admin on February 10,2017

    The Food Safety Modernization act (FSMA) published new rules June 6, 2016. Large companies must conform to these rules by June 7, 2017 while smaller companies have an additional year.

    Due to illness outbreaks involving human and animal food that have become contaminated during transportation, FSMA made the biggest change to food safety laws in over fifty years. The goal of these new rules is to ensure that transportation practices reduce safety risks by leveraging sanitary transportation practices including temperature control for food safety.

    The shipper and carrier must agree to a temperature monitoring device for shipments of food that require temperature control for safety. When loading, the loader needs to ensure that the compartment is at temperature to transport the food safely. If someone becomes aware of a possible temperature excursion, they must take action to ensure the food is not distributed.

    The shipper must develop written standards to be followed on how they will keep the product safe while shipping. These documents must be made available if requested.

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