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    Posted by Carissa Smith on December 06,2019

    When shipping large volumes of temperature-sensitive products, it’s important that they get from A to B quickly and without being compromised. With traditional temperature management solutions, you’d have to unseal the package, remove its contents, read the data logger, record the information, and restore the package.

    Undoubtedly, this process is time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for human error. It can be quick for one or two packages, but when you factor in large volumes and a complex supply chain you can just imagine how much lost time that adds up to. Furthermore, each time you remove a temperature-sensitive item from its packaging, you’re exposing it to different temperatures that may harm the integrity of the product.


    That’s what makes Bluetooth data loggers game-changing technology.

    With Bluetooth, you can connect to the logging device without having to come into physical contact with it. You can read the data through packaging or a shipping container without having to worry about exposing it to a new temperature or any outside influence.

    This also gives you the ability to immediately see if a shipment has been exposed to critical temperature or humidity outside the desired range and inspect for quality control, or possibly reject the shipment.

    Why Data Matters

    One of the biggest benefits of Bluetooth technology is being able to upload the readings into meaningful data for key stakeholders within the supply chain. When you pull the data, you can automatically create a CSV file for your QA team or a PDF report. As you can imagine, it’s much faster and more efficient than manual efforts.

    As we mentioned, it also greatly reduces the opportunity for human error. You won’t have to worry about manually tracking temperature data or entering numbers into spreadsheets. Temperature data obviously has to be precise.

    Fast and Accurate 

    Data also enables your team to act quickly when there is an issue. For example, if somebody in the shipping department read one of those containers and saw an issue, they can notify management immediately and look back through the electronic logs to see exactly what happened, at what time it happened, and where in the supply chain it was so they can make sure it doesn’t happen again. Was it a hardware break? Was the pack-out incorrect? What caused the temperature or humidity level to fluctuate?

    Peace of Mind

    When you have that level of visibility and transparency into your supply chain, it greatly reduces the stress and worry that comes along with it. You’re not left in the dark hoping that your shipment got where it needed to be without being exposed.

    You’ll also save time, money, and resources when shifting to a hands-free Bluetooth solution. By freeing up all that time that you might be spending opening shipments manually and recording the information, your team will be able to focus on more strategic initiatives that move your business forward.

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