How to Develop Confidence in your Temperature Data

    Posted by Carissa Smith on October 03,2018


    Safety is always the primary concern when shipping perishable products like food and medicine that require strict temperature guidelines to protect safety and efficacy. Excessive temperature variations in either direction can easily lead to stale food, less effective pharmaceuticals or worse – ruined, dangerous products. It’s essential to log accurate temperature measurement throughout the product’s journey to know if proper temperatures have been maintained.

    To make reliable temperature monitoring solutions like data loggers and multi-temperature indicators, testing and validation processes are crucial. American Thermal Instruments has refined its processes to ensure we produce the most accurate temperature monitoring solutions possible.

    Trust your Suppliers

    We work with select suppliers whose facilities we have observed first-hand. We have strict specifications and guidelines our suppliers must follow when supplying raw materials. To create the best quality temperature monitors, our in-house lab verifies that any added adhesives and general composition of materials used to create the device doesn’t impact our chemistry for the most accurate results. We do extensive acceptance testing and evaluate a certificate of analysis for all incoming materials to ensure consistent quality batch to batch.

    Ensure Accuracy and Demand Precision 

    Perhaps the most important thing we do is ensure that our own test equipment is performing as it should be. We perform monthly calibrations for accuracy on scales and thermometers as well as hot plates and water baths so that when we quality check our own production, we know the results are accurate. For complete assurance, we also have our instruments verified by external companies to confirm that our equipment is working correctly. 

    Keep R&D In House 

    Having research and development, production and quality under one roof is a unique benefit that mitigates potential product risk. We’re able to validate products from the time they’re created through the production process. This means we’re able to address any abnormalities or deviations during a production run and fix them immediately resulting in minimized waste, minimized time and effort, and timely deliveries.

    The outcome of these processes is a wide range of accurate temperature monitoring solutions for medical devices, food, industrial sectors, life sciences, and diagnostics. Explore our color-changing and electronic monitors to find the right for your needs.

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