New From the ATI Library - HACCP Checklist

    Posted by Carissa Smith on September 20,2018


    HACCP Checklist Mock - ThumbHACCP, or the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, is a process control system that identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process. American Thermal Instruments recently released a checklist that companies can use to ensure they have correctly put into place stringent actions to take to prevent certain consumer and internal hazards from occurring.

    The checklist identifies 5 critical areas to evaluate to ensure your products aren’t hazardous or causing dangerous situations. By strictly monitoring and controlling each step of the HACCP process, there is less chance for hazards to occur.

    In addition to the 5 steps to ensuring you are HACCP compliant, we also detail the 7 general principles that the system mandates to better ensure your products are safe. These principles were developed by the FDA and help to breakdown the process control system effectively.

    Get access to the checklist by clicking on the image below - ensuring compliance is critical to your consumer’s and your business!


    Topics: Food Safety

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