Over 37 Years of Service: An Interview with Vic Uttinger

    Posted by Carissa Smith on March 06,2018

    On April Fool’s Day in 1981, Vic Uttinger started working for American Thermometer Company in Dayton, OH.

    How he found ATI is no joke: Just a few weeks before he was hired, Vic was in a hospital pharmacy when he noticed some fever scanners (forehead thermometers) for sale that were made with liquid crystal. He was intrigued by the technology and decided to check out the company that made them.

    Vic_Interview_image.jpgImage: Vic goofing off with his family

    Around that same time, Vic had been looking for a lab position, sending out resumes to various job openings when he got a call from Founder and Chairman, Marvin Kidd to come in for an interview at American Thermometer Company.

    During this time, American Thermometer Company made Mood Rings, fever testers (forehead thermometers), and aquarium testers. Today, the company produces industry-leading temperature devices to monitor everything from food to medical devices.

    Vic got his start in the lab and now continues to assist in developing new temperature monitoring solutions as a Senior Chemist in the R&D Department.

    Educational Beginnings

    Growing up in the Lexington, Kentucky area; Vic went to Eastern Kentucky University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Chemistry in 1976. For several months after college, he worked as a substitute teacher at Monroe High School and Middletown High School while looking for a real job in a laboratory.

    When I interviewed Vic and asked what his favorite job was in his career, he answered, “This was my first real job and it’s what I always wanted to do; work in a lab.” All joking aside, he said that he also loved teaching and if he ever had the opportunity he would love to do it again.

    Outside the Lab

    When he’s not deep in chemistry or validating temperature results, he is the proud father of two daughters, Jessica and Zara; as well two step-daughters, Gina and Kristin. Vic and his wife Sharon of 25 years have four grandchildren, Ethan, Kaitlin, Erika and Nikki; and two great-grandsons, Easton and Sawyer.

    On a whim, Vic signed up for a scuba-diving course in Cancun, Mexico  during a 20th anniversary ATI company trip with his co-workers. Now a certified scuba diver, he has dove the Caribbean seas on several trips since. His other interests include bicycling, tennis, taxidermy and volunteering at his church Oasis in Middletown, OH.

    One of his most favorite traveling experiences was to Israel several years ago and he hopes to someday get the opportunity to go back and see more of the country.

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