Protecting your Pharmaceuticals from Extreme Temperatures

    Posted by Carissa Smith on May 10,2018


    Twenty percent of temperature-sensitive products–including vaccines and vital medications–are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain. The result is detrimental to public health as well as your liability to healthcare providers and loss of revenue. It's critical to take every available measure to avoid unwanted variations in your supply chain.

    By closely monitoring your pharmaceutical storage and shipping conditions, you can optimize every transaction and ensure the right options are in place. American Thermal Instruments has released a new e-book on Endicate, our newest electronic temperature monitoring solution, that outlines its precise condition tracking abilities.

    In our e-book, Protect Your Pharmaceuticals from Extreme Temperatures: From Manufacturer to Physician’s Office, you'll learn:

    • How FDA regulations affect your pharmaceutical deliveries
    • How the accuracy of Endicate™ allows you to assume responsibility throughout your supply chain
    • The advanced features that make Endicate™ a superior choice for your monitoring requirements

    Download the e-book now to see how you can improve your temperature monitoring process with Endicate™.

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    Topics: Electronic Temperature Monitoring, New Solutions, Medical Safety