Real-World Scenario: How Wireless Data Loggers Streamline Efficiency

    Posted by Carissa Smith on August 26,2020


    Regardless of what industry you’re in, there’s no faster or more accurate way to monitor the temperature of products in your supply chain than through wireless data loggers.

    If you’re in the food industry, for example, a number of large brands require their suppliers to streamline monitoring by using a specific data logger to provide data. This allows for full control and guaranteed freshness as ingredients are used in the food manufacturing process.

    Similarly, in the Life Sciences industry, data loggers are absolutely critical to maintaining product integrity and keeping end-users safe. Most biologics and vaccines are temperature-sensitive and are held to a window of time and combined temperature in which they need to be delivered.

    Digital data is crucial within Life Sciences because a number of regulations point to a digital collection point and signature of approval. 

    With a number of temperature requirements, wireless data loggers can be configured per carton or per shipment, and customized based on the next product.

    How Data Loggers Stream Efficiency

    Think about the way you capture temperature data now. Do you need to manually look at an indicator? Do you need to open a box to physically retrieve the logger and plug it into a computer?

    Bluetooth data loggers are critical for a complex supply chain. Data is collected, shared, and stored in a matter of minutes. You are able to connect all of your logistics partners and shipping lanes to have the “big picture” around your temperature data.

    And you can do all this without ever having to open the package!

    Protecting the brand and satisfying the customer are critical points to consider as an organization. Business success relies on accurate quality information around the product, not just during shipment, but from manufacturing to delivery. 

    If you are able to guarantee a product is received as expected, customer satisfaction becomes a moot point. You can then spend your time focusing on product development, enhancements and ultimately growing your business.

    Real-World Example

    A life sciences organization we recently worked with used a high-temperature indicator in conjunction with a freeze indicator to track a vaccine shipment as it traveled through its supply chain. This allowed them to ensure the vaccines stayed within a set temperature range. 

    Seems pretty good, right?

    However, with this solution, they weren’t able to determine how long it stayed above or below the set temperatures or where a possible temperature breach happened.

    By moving to a LOG-IC 360 BT wireless data logger, they were able to gather data around time, temperature, humidity, and extensive information about their shipping lanes. They were even able to determine if a product should be shipped faster to remove the temperatures of concern or if they needed to add more insulation or additional cold packs due to their surroundings. 

    There was little question as to the data around each shipment because each stakeholder could log-in and view the data at any time. The data gave their logistics department a method to begin trend analysis and identify areas of concern, saving them both time and money.

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