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    Posted by Carissa Smith on August 17,2018


    ATI_DataNow_PhoneApproximately 48 million people (1 in 6 Americans) get sick each year from foodborne diseases, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Monitoring food shipment temperatures during transit is vital in protecting consumers from illness and protecting food manufacturers from enduring a contamination problem. To ensure your food products arrive safely, you need to know what temperatures were reached throughout the entire supply chain.

    The easiest way to maintain a history of cold chain temperatures throughout a product’s journey is to log it in an easily accessible place like the cloud. That way, if there’s an unsafe deviation in temperature, you can pinpoint where and when the cold chain was broken through digital record. Manual logging can be time consuming and leaves ample room for data error or gaps in temperature data. While there are
    several data loggers, chemical labels, and electronic indicators to choose from, the one thing that will streamline monitoring and reporting data is digital record via the cloud.

    ATI has developed LOG-IC 360® Mobile App and the DataNow Cloud, a technology platform that gives you a complete, real-time view of all of your temperature records and the ability to pull and store reports. Consider a food product and each of the ingredients that needs to be individually temperature-controlled and monitored before it’s ever added to the end product. Having visibility to temperature throughout the cold chain simplifies a process that’s full of variables. Effective and streamlined temperature monitoring processes protect your consumers and your brand.

    For snack food giant Frito-Lay, temperature variation of ingredients can have an adverse effect on the quality and flavor of their products. ATI created an irreversible high temperature ascending (HTA) label with a three-part temperature scale to monitor and boost accountability as part of their seasoning freshness protection program.

    No matter how many checkpoints, handoffs, and variations are in your supply chain, staying connected to accurate, reliable temperature data is the most effective way to consistently deliver the highest quality products without the risk of contamination or illness.

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