Streamline your Supply Chain with Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

    Posted by Carissa Smith on September 24,2020


    Temperature and humidity data loggers are able to track and store data at defined intervals. When shipping critical products through your supply chain that could be affected by a set temperature or the ambient percentage of humidity around it, it is valuable to use one device to ensure the products arrive both safe and effective.

    Electronic data loggers provide accurate insights into the environment your product was exposed to as it ships through your logistics chain. Plus, the captured points provide historical data in the case that you need to see at what point your shipment had a temperature or humidity excursion long term.

    When tracking certain food, pharmaceutical and medical device products, it’s best when you can use a single device that tracks both temperature and humidity. Data is then captured within one device and provides ease through the downloading and storing process. 

    Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

    Tracking Temperature vs. Humidity

    So, when do you need to track both temperature and humidity?

    The answer is that it really depends.

    It depends on your use of the logger, what industry you’re in, what products you’re shipping, and what regulations are required for those products (if any).

    For some products, humidity has no effect whatsoever on the stability of the product – it’s really just temperature that has to be monitored. For others, however, humidity can lead to condensation or mold and that can ruin the products being shipped. 

    This is especially true if a product has a long transit over the course of many climates, like international shipments..

    The Food and Electronics Industry are two great examples of this. Mold is obviously a big concern in the food industry where fresh food like fruits, vegetables, and meats have to be kept cool or frozen with limited humidity. Even just a little extra water in the surrounding air can ruin an entire shipment which is a very costly mistake.

    For Electronics, condensation can lead to corrosion. When that happens, the effects on your budget and brand reputation can be devastating.

    Streamlining Your Supply Chain

    As we mentioned, electronic data loggers give you the insight to know at what point in its journey your products were exposed to temperature or humidity excursions. You don’t want to wait until someone receives a product at the endpoint and realizes that the food tastes funny, the pharmaceuticals aren’t effective, or the batteries within your product are corroded.

    Not only is that humiliating and expensive for your brand, it’s also extremely inefficient. With the increased visibility that comes from bluetooth data loggers, you’ll be able to identify when the excursion happened and act quickly to correct it.

    Making these important decisions based on the data collected is invaluable to anyone that cares about improving their supply chain and protecting the integrity of their brand.

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