The Benefits of Having Your Temperature Data in the Cloud

    Posted by Carissa Smith on April 08,2020


    Think about the complexity of your supply chain. As your temperature-sensitive shipment travels from one location to the next, is sensor data captured? Is this data then maintained only at the location it is scanned or is each key stakeholder given visibility to the temperature the shipment has been exposed to along the way?

    The benefits of having your temperature data in the cloud includes one central location for upload, instant access to your data 24/7 and the ability to report and analyze information for predictive measures. Integration between your cloud platform and other systems like a Quality Management System (QMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, can give you valuable insight into product and shipment data. Cloud technology provides ease for multiple platforms to work together through a series of standardized methodologies. The existing digital hardships between instant communication and order fulfillment become removed, providing traceability and universal visibility for your shipments.

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    For critical industries within the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that insist on electronic record and signature, temperature data stored within a cloud database provides ease into 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. With the provider being responsible for managing the software – availability, security and performance – the user can focus their time on analyzing and protecting their product.

    Businesses globally have realized the potential for applying cloud-based solutions into their supply chain strategies, and activities, to increase proficiency and profitability. The cloud, combined with an IoT strategy, has enabled a collection of data from a number of locations and the ability to analyze this data. Innovative analysis assists in decision making, enhanced responsiveness and the ability to react to disruptions on demand.

    With end-to-end visibility, supply chains become dynamic, secure and interactive. Stay connected to your temperature data!

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