Two Companies, One Great Culture

    Posted by Carissa Smith on February 20,2018

    American Thermal and Microtek Labs might look like two different companies on paper, but when you’re under the same roof, it’s clear that both companies share an incredible employee culture. We recently interviewed our Chief Strategy Officer, Randy Lane, on what makes our company a fun place to work and why he fostered the culture with two unique clubs.


    When did you start Culture Club?
    We formally started a gathering focused on our culture in January of 2008, but we had always done events that helped to engage our employees previously. We just didn’t have a name for it.

    How about the Venture Club?
    We started the Venture Club in January of 2017 because as a family owned business, we want to make sure that we positively impact the Dayton community around us. We want to be known as a successful business that gives back to those in need.

    Why did you think the company needed Culture Club?
    Culture Club was developed as a way to increase team building throughout the organization. This club hosts one event each quarter during the work day. It usually consists of an activity and lunch. Some are more like a small party while others include friendly competition. We have one Culture Club leader and then a different group to lead the charge is picked each year, usually 3-4 total.

    How about the Venture Club?
    Venture Club gives our company a way to give back to the community. I feel it’s important that we are touching the lives around us outside of our companies. At the end of the year, those volunteers that have donated their time take a small trip together. Last year we went white water rafting in West Virginia.

    What are some of the events Culture Club has pulled off?
    We have done many different events through Culture Club. Some have focused on different holidays like a pumpkin carving and costume contest at Halloween. Others include a fully set up mini golf course in our parking lot and an Amazing Race competition through the halls of our office. Everyone is able to relax for a few hours and get to know others within the organization.

    VentureClub_2.jpgWhat about with the Venture Club?
    We choose our Venture Club events each year through a board of 10-12 employees. Everyone brainstorms ideas and then we narrow them down to 5-6 events. We have volunteered at the local food bank doing many different tasks and helped restore a home through Rebuilding Together Dayton. We have plans this year to work with Shoes for the Shoeless, fitting disadvantaged young children for new shoes. We will also be participating in Battle of the Businesses, the number one fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. This competition will include 12 coed sporting events over the course of eight days. We are definitely excited to be a part of things this year!

    At the end of the interview, Randy mentioned that he “feels that everyone needs to stay refreshed at the workplace. By having Culture and Venture Club, it gives the team an opportunity to spend non-working time with each other and assist in the community. It gives them a break from the day-to-day work.”

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