Venture Club: 5 Reasons We Went to Battle…and Will Keep Coming Back

    Posted by Emily Myers on August 22,2018

    You may be asking yourself, why on earth are American Thermal Instruments and Microtek Laboratories “battling”? The answer is simple, it’s part of our purpose.

     Under our parent company, ATI and Microtek function on the philosophy of enriching the lives of our employees, families and communities. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Venture Club, a united group of employees that volunteer in and around our community.Battle_Team

    The Dayton Battle of the Businesses is a local charitable event that supports the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. Over thirty Dayton-area businesses participate in a week-long competition of 12 sporting events – gaining points along the way in events such as volleyball, mini golf, swimming, bowling, field day and more. Not only is it a week of friendly competition, Battle of the Businesses is the number one fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. (add division note)

     As a newbie to the ATI and Microtek family, when the opportunity came up to share my love of Battle with our Venture Club committee and pitch the idea of participating in it, I jumped at the chance. And here was my sales pitch for the 5 reasons we should go back to Battle:

    1. Small Company, Big Impact

    As a smaller but still mighty, company in the Dayton area, ATI and Microtek had a lot to gain from joining in the festivities. Participating in battle allowed us to get our name out there and gain a bigger presence in the community. Companies ranging from 75 employees to 1,500 compete in Battle and now have exposure to ATI and Microtek.


    2. Networking

    As a new team, we were often asked what we do and where we are located. Sharing our story allowed us to connect with the other companies and form friendships with their employees. Those connections were never more obvious than when the crowds on the sidelines were cheering us on, chanting “GO ATI!” and “Let’s go Microtek!” as we fought through the week.

    3. Get the Adrenaline Pumping

    It’s no secret that sitting at a computer or in a lab may not get heart racing, but gather up a tug-of-war team decked out in bandanas with faces painted for battle and you’ll get your employees adrenaline pumping fast. Especially when the first-year team of ATI & Microtek took 1st Place in their division when they went beast mode on the rope! Microtek employee Cory Bigelow said it best when asked his favorite part of Battle: “The winning and the adrenaline rush of competition.”


    4. Team Spirit

    The term ‘friendly competition’ is never more fitting than with Battle. As practices start and the week of competition progresses, you’re able to see familiar faces, build rapport and give your new friends a run for their money in the events. Not only do you meet new friends outside of work, internally it’s great for team spirit and morale. Employees who rarely interact with each other are suddenly rooting for each other and working hand-in-hand. As one of our new employees, Eric Thiry, said his favorite aspect of Battle was “Getting to hang out with everyone outside of work and getting to know everybody,
    especially as a new employee.” That alone is worth signing up for!


    5. Fun Fundraising

    Battle is the number one fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. Teams raise “Battle Bucks” up to the competition dates through various fundraisers. ATI and Microtek were able to head to Hidden Valley Orchards for a wood chopping fundraiser where we chopped about a thousand logs. Along with personal fundraising, we were able to raise more than our $1,000 goal. Along with the other companies, we raised a collective $68,202 which is by far the best part of Battle and the biggest reason to love it!


    After all the events were over and points were tallied, ATI and Microtek placed 13th overall out of 36 teams. When it came down to our division results; we finished in 2nd place! A brand-new team, with a majority of the team never hearing of Battle before, placing second in their division is amazing. We are super proud of our team, not only for the effort and time put into events, but for the fundraising we did as well. Needless to say, after all the buzz around the office, we’ll be back next year!


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