What is a Data Logger, And How Will It Help Me?

    Posted by Carissa Smith on October 08,2020


    A data logger is a small device that records changes in environmental conditions over time. Data loggers use a microprocessor, internal memory for data storage and a sensor(s) based on the data being tracked. A logger is often battery powered to be used when an electrical supply doesn’t exist. They are typically offered as single or multi-use devices and can use multiple sensor types to gather data like temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and more.  

    Programming a Logger 

    Data Loggers can be programmed to match specific sensor requirements based on the product needing monitored. For instance, if you are shipping a pharmaceutical product through the cold chain and 2°C to 8°C must be maintained for a certain length of time, a high and low alarm can be set. Based on the type of logger, a visual notification by LCD display or LED lights, will let the handler know if there is a potential compromise. Data can then be reviewed in detail to find out when and for how long the product was exposed to the critical temperature. 

    Downloading the Data 

    Depending on the technology behind the device, data is provided through USB or Bluetooth technology. There are typically two ways data can be extracted from a USB device. The device can be plugged into a USB port and a PDF of the data will be instantly generated. Or, added software is necessary to download the data to provide as an Excel or PDF file. Bluetooth loggers, however, provide an added benefit to the user. There is typically an App that can be used to download the data from the device. Unlike the USB logger, you can gather the sensor data from the device without ever opening the box or plugging in the device, saving quite a bit of time in the download process.  

    How will it help? 

    Data loggers are critical for a number of applications. The Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Industrial Industries have a number of products that are temperature sensitive. Once exposed to a certain environment for a set amount of time, products could become ineffective and even unsafe. Data loggers can be used tguarantee quality and ultimately, give confidence to you and your brand. 

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