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LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth Logger


Gain transparency into your supply chain.
With LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth, you can track temperature without having to disrupt your supply chain by opening the box, truck or shipping container. Retrieve your information remotely using your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Quickly access your data using your smartphone or tablet and view and share your results with the ATI DataNow™ service. LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth is programmable and can be customized to meet your temperature requirements.


Increase Supply Chain Visibility

LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth gives you complete visibility into your supply chain. Your data is automatically uploaded to ATI DataNow™ , where data is accessible 24/7. Temperature history, location of scan and other essential information is linked to your Bluetooth Logger. If an excursion occurs, you will know when, where and how long your product was outside the acceptable range.

Stay Compliant and Safe

Let ATI help you stay compliant with FDA regulations or supplement your existing HACCP management system. Whatever regulations you are trying to comply to, LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth can support your goals. We can help you verify temperature compliance from the beginning to end of your distribution channel. Instantly share critical data with key decision makers, receive an email alert the moment your Bluetooth device reads the logger so you can take immediate action.

Reduce your Liability

Temperature excursions happen. LOG-IC® 360 Bluetooth provides the information you need to decide what to do when they happen. Quickly access critical temperature data with your phone or tablet using the ATI BT app. You now have the ability to identify where and when excursions occur, troubleshoot potential problem areas in your supply chain and take action to reduce risk, without lifting a finger.

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Successful temperature monitoring can mean the difference between safe and potentially harmful, between profit and loss, and between edible and spoiled. ATI’s commitment to precision, industry  expertise and our ongoing enthusiasm for innovation translate to custom solutions designed to address known problems within our customers’ cold chains. When temperature matters, contact ATI. 


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