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    Temperature-Sensitive Promotional Label for Absolut Vodka

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:58:55 AM
    Create a promotional

    Create a promotional label that will drive consumers to the Absolut® website.


    Many consumers store their vodka in the freezer. Therefore, a label that could be applied to the bottle and reveal a code when a certain temperature is reached would certainly be interactive and attract attention. The individual code would be entered into The consumer would be eligible for prizes and the Absolut® marketing research team would receive valuable information about their customers.


    1.3 million labels were produced and delivered to the Absolut® manufacturing facility.


    According to the company, global case shipments jumped 9%, and Absolut® gained market share in the crowded and increasingly competitive U.S. market - no easy feat for a mature brand trying to fend off an ever-expanding pool of upstarts.

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