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    LOG-IC® 360 Guarantees Perishable Food Safety

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:39:37 AM
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    Provide a solution that would ensure that food was kept in proper temperature while satisfying current temperature monitoring regulations for food service.


    For years, the food service industry has kept paper logs of temperatures taken by IR guns to stay in compliance with regulations. IR guns are not accurate and only provide current temperature. BOGG is a nonprofit mobile food pantry who wanted a simple method to stay in compliance with regulations and also ensure they were delivering safe food to thousands of needy families. BOGG wanted an accurate record of temperature that could easily be downloaded and kept as a PDF for compliance.


    LOG-IC®360 Bluetooth loggers were placed in each refrigerator and freezer where perishable food is stored. Loggers were also placed in the food trucks to monitor food in transit to the community. Using Bluetooth technology allows them to download the data using a smartphone app. Once the data is downloaded, BOGG immediately emails the PDF report for compliance records.


    LOG-IC®360 Bluetooth loggers support BOGG’s compliance program but more importantly, they give BOGG peace of mind. Within a few weeks of using the loggers, a refrigeration unit quit working in the middle of the night, exposing food to improper temperature for more than 9 hours. By morning, the refrigeration unit had kicked back on and cooled the food. An IR gun would not have captured 9 hours of spoilage, but LOG-IC®360 BT did.

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