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    ATI Data Loggers Ensure IV Efficacy At Hospitals

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 1:37:20 AM

    Implement a temperature monitoring solution to inform the hospital pharmacy whether unused IV bags, returned from nurse stations throughout the hospital, have lost their efficacy due to lengthy exposure in non-refrigerated environments.


    With the effectiveness of LOG-I®C 360 loggers proven for the external cold chain, the same solution was chosen to record the temperature of IV bags traveling throughout the hospital, giving the pharmacist a full time/temperature history.


    The multi-use LOG-IC® 360 logger is attached to IV bags with high-value medications. Pharmacists easily see if the medications have been exposed to adverse temperatures and then reuse the loggers on other medications.


    As a result of the LOG-IC® 360 implementation, the hospital has saved costs by preventing unnecessary waste of good medications, while providing a safer environment for their patients.

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