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    ATI’s Freeze Check™ Ensures Fresh Fruit

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:48:10 AM
    Determine whether individual skids

    Determine whether individual skids of organic cranberries, valued at approximately $5,000 per skid, have frozen during transit from the producer to the distribution center.


    The organic cranberry producer could not rely on visual inspection of shipments, because cranberries that freeze and then thaw will become mushy, even though their appearance may pass inspection. ATI proposed using Freeze Check™ on each skid as an accurate and inexpensive accept/reject indicator.


    Freeze Check labels are placed on each skid before shipment. When the cranberries reach the distribution center, personnel check to see if the green circle on the Freeze Check label has turned white or opaque, which indicates that the skid was subjected to sub-freezing conditions.


    The cranberry producer achieved cost savings while improving quality with the ATI solution. Freeze Check labels make it possible to reject individual skids rather than an entire shipment, resulting in fresher products. They also serve as a permanent record, which can be detached from the skid and placed on quality control documents.

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