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    Eliminating High Temperature Damage to Flowers

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 1:04:58 AM
    Develop a cost-effective solution

    Develop a cost-effective solution for monitoring temperatures of flowers in transit, which will reduce claims and emphasize grower initiatives to improve flower appearance and extend shelf life.


    The flower grower implemented a policy of quickly cooling flowers to a low temperature after harvesting to improve quality. ATI's Freshness Monitor will clearly show if flowers are subjected to higher temperatures in transit, providing more accountability throughout the cold chain.


    The Freshness Monitor features an adhesive-backed card with three visual indicators. If the first white circle turns red, it indicates the need for a close inspection. The second and third circles turning red will require further inspection and testing.


    The economical Freshness Monitors provided an easy-to-read visual indication that raised the awareness of temperature effects throughout the cold chain. Accurate indication assisted decision support while increasing accountability. Claims and rejected shipments have also declined.

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