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    Custom Freshness Monitors for Packaged Food

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:44:55 AM
    Develop an irreversible label

    Develop an irreversible label that visually indicates high temperature excursions to ensure flavor quality and seasoning stability of Frito-Lay products, which can be adversely affected in transit during the hot summer months.


    ATI developed an irreversible high temperature ascending (HTA) label with a three-part temperature scale to provide monitoring and accountability for Frito-Lay’s summer seasoning freshness protection program. The labels will be used on all pallets and totes between May and September.


    Frito-Lay used the term “Freshness Monitors” for the HTA labels to highlight their vital role in the program. The shipping department receives directions on the use and placement of the HTA labels, which are required on all shipments during the summer season.


    Distribution and retailers now look at the labels and quickly determine if there has been a temperature excursion during transit that could affect product quality. In addition, the Freshness Monitors help communicate the importance of maintaining proper temperatures to everyone in the supply chain.

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