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    Ensuring Ice Cream Quality Through Temperature Monitoring

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:17:02 AM
    Determine if cases of ice cream

    Determine if cases of ice cream have been exposed to temperatures above freezing in transit or storage to avoid returns of entire shipments and quality issues due to ice crystals, which result from temperature fluctuations.


    ATI developed an irreversible low temperature ascending (LTA) label designed to meet the specifications of the quality control and packaging engineers. An indicator changes from white to red if the temperature exceeds zero degrees Celsius.


    The ice cream plant attaches ATI’s self-adhesive LTA labels on each case of ice cream prior to shipping. When the ice cream reaches distribution centers or retail outlets, the irreversible indicator gives shipping and receiving personnel fast and accurate accept/ reject decision support.


    The LTA labels provided a costeffective thaw indicator for individual cases, eliminating returns of entire shipments. They also pinpointed locations on the truck subject to temperature excursions. The distribution centers now have a 99 percent acceptance rate on incoming ice cream shipments.

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