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    Custom Adhesive for Accurate Records at High Temperatures

    Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2017 12:10:56 AM
    permanent record of temperature

    Develop an indicator for placement on engines and transmissions to provide a permanent record of temperature abuse, which will be used to validate warranty claims.


    LKQ had been using a metal disk with solder in the center that would melt away at higher temperatures, but adhering it to engines and transmissions was difficult. ATI developed an aggressive adhesive for an irreversible high temperature ascending (HTA) label that indicates when a specific temperature is reached.


    LKQ technicians attach ATI’s HTA labels to engines and transmissions prior to installation. If the surface of the component exceeds a temperature of 260°F, the indicator will change from white to red. Since this is a permanent record, it can be used to evaluate any warranty claims.


    The ATI solution provided a cost-effective, easily managed warranty abuse tool for LKQ since it was first implemented. The HTA label quickly adheres to the porous surface of the components without difficulty and ensures a permanent and accurate indication of temperature abuse that simplifies warranty claims.

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